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Why Most Self-Help Is Useless

Are you one of those that has laughed at self-help books and courses? You have good reason to doubt. Are you one of those that have tried self-help books or courses and found your life didn’t change at the core … Continue reading

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Overpopulation Myth

It’s crazy when you think about it, but not in the way we’ve been told to think. We’ve been told, with statistical “proof” that human beings are becoming too populous for the planet. And while people of various political, religious, … Continue reading

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Criticism, a Failure to Understand

A dream series last night had me as guest and contributor to a group of very rich people in both home and elegant hotel settings. They were all, at least socially, pleasant and welcoming of me. They assumed I was … Continue reading

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Dan Brown’s Inferno

What a delightful read! The Inferno blends the worlds of Art, Historical Inquiry, Travel, Architecture and Literature with the sciences of computerized tracking systems and Genetics. What it raised for me, particularly for this blog, is the issue of overpopulation. … Continue reading

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Serious or Curious about Life

I am curious about some of the responses I get to my July 17th post that there is no hard evidence that life is serious. “In fact, not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the argument that life … Continue reading

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Perfect Love Came First

When it first occurred to me how important to Life Love, Understanding and Gratitude are, I determined that those three energies were not just the place we are meant to go and to be, but that Love, Understanding and Gratitude … Continue reading

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3 Rules of Life

Elephant Journal published a great quote I’d like to share. It has to do with what really matters. Knowing what matters makes it easier to stay focused and to make a difference. Share this:

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