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Suffering pains

I remember being 14 years old and having strange, intense pains in my legs. Yet, there was no visible cause. So, my parents took me to the family doctor who couldn’t find anything. He told my parents to “Relax. It’s … Continue reading

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International Day of Happiness!

Did you miss the announcement that March 20th was the International Day of Happiness? I caught it on a blog that day. I’m not sure I needed to know it was designated so by the UN two years ago, because … Continue reading

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Marketing, like life, is a funny thing

I recently conferred with a marketing guru about readership of this blog. His advice: narrow down your focus. I agree that the multiple foci of this blog, namely of “the meaning of life,” “commitment to the twelve essences of life,” … Continue reading

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Got Life?

Life is the very best experience we could possibly dream of or experience. Particularly, life as a human being.   I remember when I was a young adult and “Life” was pretty much a struggle. I felt that I “had … Continue reading

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Moving Forward Faster

Have you ever wanted to move forward more quickly? I ask that because some people don’t want to move forward at all. They want to stay secure or move at a comfortable pace while the world goes by. You might … Continue reading

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Resolution 2014 Post Script

I realize that in my last post, I used some self-deprecating comments like “I am only boringly normal.” But lest you think that I’m starting the new year on a depressive note, I am very grateful to be normal! Firstly, … Continue reading

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Resolution 2014

Last December (2013), I realized that my watchword for 2014 was to be “more joy.” This wasn’t about the Christmas spirit but a realization that as committed as I am to the 12 Commitments to Life (as explained in my … Continue reading

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