Amortality, Staying Young for Life

If you are like some of my readers, you take exception to my stance that we can potentially live forever on earth. Yet almost all of us have accepted a trend to not look old. We use creams, exercise, diet and fashion to stay involved and signal our intention to actively participate even though we age.

Author Catherine Mayer, a journalist for Time Magazine, has coined a word for this: Amortality. Read the article.

In her book Amortality, Why It’s No Longer Necessary to Act Your Age, Catherine chronicles this trend with humor and interviews. Her visit to Cenegenics, a medical practice specialized in controlling aging, lets us in on some leading edge approaches to staying active and looking young. According to their website, Cenegenics isn’t anti-aging, however. Cenegenics is pro-aging with an emphasis on controlling the damage caused by aging.

Mayer’s book does not appear available yet in the US, but the Times article is a condensation and is worth reading.

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