After Death, Part Three

In parts one and two, I wrote briefly about commitment and laughter as healthy responses to death. What I didn’t write was what we can commit to in order to stop the ultimate enemy.

Firstly, we can commit to living fully. For more on that, check out all the posts under the “Living Fully” category. (The categories are found in the lower part of the right column.) Or “just do it.” Commit to living fully as only you can. There is no better way to model a full life that will not give into the fear of death.

Secondly, pay attention. There are many, many resources (some in our daily lives that come to us without personal effort) that point the way to life without end. These might look like delicious, healthy food choices, stress reducers, laughter and friends, unexpected gifts and surprises…things that inspire us deeply to stick around for more.

Thirdly, go find ways to oppose physical death. Do you have ideas about stopping death? Broadcast them. If you study health, fitness or longevity, share that with others and enlist our support. Get behind an organization that supports known cures for cancer. (These cures are available and do not require poisonous doses of chemicals or radiation.) Donate to causes that directly lift people out of poverty, illness and illiteracy because these are common sources of war, death and misery.

Fourth, talk to people that are stuck in the mindset that death is inevitable, that death is better than life (for whatever reason) or that death is in any way a destiny we can embrace. If words fail you, send them to this blog.

Fifth, volunteer to help or sign up to attend our Life Forever Now events. We will be bringing in the world’s best experts on life extension, anti-aging, the mind-body connection, longevity, grief and loss, as well as spirituality and enthusiasm.

Sixth, follow this blog. Link to Life Forever Now. Sign up for the rss feeds. Like us on Facebook, subscribe to this blog on’s Kindle, Stumble (Upon) and Digg this blog using the icons below. Tweet the blog posts and help us gain the momentum we need to stop the ultimate enemy. Your life will take on a whole new meaning, I assure you.

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