A Little More Gratitude, Please

Many writers and gratitude advocates (like moms) do their best to encourage us to have more gratitude.

I also believe in gratitude. I believe gratitude is one of the main elements of who we really are.

But with my devil’s advocate mind I wonder, “Is that all there is? Does gratitude only mean that we gain a healthier emotion? Or that gratitude just gives us a healthier perspective? Or that gratitude is the preferred way to start a day, a career or a relationship? Is that all there is to it?”

Gratitude does all that. But maybe there’s more. Maybe the crowning achievement of gratitude is that it paves the way for us to commit to life.

In my new book, The Twelve Commitments To Life, I offer lessons on twelve life essences that make life meaningFULL. When we commit to each, our personal life connects with Life/ God/ Pure Essence. Gratitude is great because it is what gives us the green light to commit. Gratitude says, “Life is good. It’s okay to commit to it just as it is.”

It’s my position that committing to life (all of it, not just our own experience of it), as obvious as it may seem, is what we have missed in modern society.

Instead of committing to life, we’re on the sidelines analyzing, explaining or wondering, complaining or grousing, money stressing or hoarding, consuming, multi-tasking… almost everything but committing. Our commitments seem to be limited to our personal goals and needs.

What Life/ God/ Pure Essence does for us is commit to our health and healing, balance and maintenance, now and into the future. When we commit in response, the energetic cycle is completed. Particularly, when we commit to Love, commit to Understanding and commit to Gratitude for life as it is, we honor who we are. We honor who we can be. And we honor God.

Failing to commit short-circuits the energy committed to us. To help you commit, may I suggest that you look right now at The Twelve Commitments To Life? Inside the book, I hope you will learn what Life/ God/ Pure Essence has committed to each of us, and you may see the brilliance of responding in gratitude.

This gratitude will make it easier and easier to commit to life. Gratitude will melt away your grip on annoyances, bitterness and the flaws that limit you. Whether you buy the book or not, try more gratitude; but no longer imagine that gratitude is just a happier way to live. It is the path to a committed life, a fulfilling life, and an undisturbable peace that I wish for you.

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