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Brain Fitness, Day 2

Second day, first exercise session, July 26, 2012 We began with a replay of the set up exercise from yesterday, called High and Low. I was told that this exercise works to improve, through the hearing of sounds, the auditory … Continue reading

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Brain Fitness, Day 1

Brain Fitness Blog July 25, 2012, the day I opened the software to install. I see it is by Posit Science as ordered and it is version 2.0.1. After installation, the introductory video began. Here I was reminded that in … Continue reading

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Posit Science Brain Fitness

I have been reading about brain fitness and very much needing to keep my brain in shape. There are too many indicators that my mind is slipping from its once exalted <g> state. Firstly, I am forgetting little things more. … Continue reading

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Loss and Love

Daniel Siegel, author of one of my favorite books to listen to and read, Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation, is a wise man. His empathy makes his work approachable and his insights make him endlessly interesting. Recently I … Continue reading

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Princess Bride Guide to Never Giving Up

I speak a lot about commitment. There is no substitute to it if we are to discover the best life has to offer. A recent post on Elephant Journal made me laugh and cry because it is an insightful look … Continue reading

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What’s first? What’s next? HMM

If you want to get your life in order, wonder no more. The order is started with wondering “HMM.” HMM is my acronym that stands for Health, Mental Clarity and Motivation. It’s these three general categories that must get attention … Continue reading

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Committing to life “as it is”

Yesterday I was explaining what it means to commit to life “as it is.” And it occurred to me that perhaps I had not written this for the blog. It is an important point. I speak about “committing to life … Continue reading

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