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A Beautiful Study in Gratitude

I love that people are making videos and Facebook pages based on the act and sense of gratitude. I know we hear a lot about having more gratitude and it is almost becoming overused. But I don’t think we can … Continue reading

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Video Introduction of The Twelve Commitments To Life

Rich gives a book overview for The Twelve Commitments To Life, a short and easy to read book that can help improve love, sense of purpose, health, concentration, growth, relationships and more. Rich’s book is available at

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Coffee Inspired Book

I am a coffee lover. I have to admit it. And I admit that coffee fuels a lot of my inspiration. Did you know that coffee’s first application was to help inspire African monks to stay awake during their late … Continue reading

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Declare your freedom July 4th

Announcing the book I promised, The Twelve Commitments to Life. I am having it released on July 4th as a declaration of freedom for all readers that want to live life fully. Link to Amazon But you don’t have to … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life Is …

What is the meaning of life? Does it have meaning? If life had meaning, why would it be so difficult to find and understand? Doesn’t death, injustice and unbalanced social structures obliterate any meaning we might have been able to … Continue reading

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Be healthy, be sexy

In my book “Twelve Commitments to Life,” I focus on the aspects of life that are essential to thriving and being fully alive. One chapter is on arousal and sex because sex is not just essential to creating a new … Continue reading

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Freedom, the Final Frontier

Americans celebrate their freedom in many ways. After all, aren’t they the inventors of freedom? Not really. And we Americans have much to learn about freedom yet. Freedom is often perceived as freedom from dictators, freedom to voice one’s opinions, … Continue reading

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Are We Aware that Living Fully Is Our Most Important Job?

When did you first become aware that living fully is the most important thing you could do? Sometimes we only realize that we have not been living fully when we encounter a tragedy, such as the death of a loved … Continue reading

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Loving Learning

Do you love learning? I do. Learning is part of living fully. Most of what I have learned, however, was not from an accredited institution of higher learning. Like many others, what is most valuable to me is what I … Continue reading

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