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Meditation Marinade

As a child of middle class parents, I grew up with a strong work ethic. And though my father was not “blue collar,” we lived and got by with plenty of manual effort. Every one of my father’s four boys … Continue reading

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Brain Sharpening

An engaged, balanced brain is a happy one, with lively connections, problem-solving smarts and relatively free of emotional hangups. A brain is essential to connect with others, which is why a sharp brain is essential for living fully moment to … Continue reading

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Progress: Fact or Exception

“I’d like to feel that progress is a fact rather than the exception.” Most of us want to move forward, out of the present realm of problems, regrets and imbalances and into a bright future with solid benefits. But we … Continue reading

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Changing our faltering mythology

A recent review of Joseph Campbell’s book, The Hero’s Journey, offered an insight into who we are as a people and maybe why we are here at this point in time. Joseph’s lifelong work was to study the myths of … Continue reading

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4 new links added on Life Links

More great links to life, longevity and thinking of the future have been added to our Life Links page. Blog on life extension, technology and longevity Blog of futurism, trans-humanism and singularity Blog of John Renesch, author, futurist at the … Continue reading

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Futures Awareness

The World Future Society  uses the word “future” as a singular and plural noun, as well as a verb, as in “futuring.” It got me thinking, future should be plural…I mean futures should be plural. What if we were willing … Continue reading

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To Be or Not To Be

What allows people to accept death instead of a life that lasts for 1000 years and beyond? Is there some kind of barrier that stops people from considering living a long life that contributes over and over to the wisdom … Continue reading

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