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World Future Society

A new resource for those interested in our amazing shared future is on the Life Links page. Share this:

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When Life Hurts, Part Four

I knew when I opened this “When Life Hurts” topic that it was a large one, but I didn’t expect to blog so many times on it. I guess life’s challenges are feeling very real to me right now and … Continue reading

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Wit and Wisdom, Centenarian Style

Centenarians have a variety of personal characteristics that seem to pre-dispose them to a long life. Besides not abusing their bodies over their lifetime, many stay active mentally and physically. The wit of comedian and centenarian George Burns is legendary. … Continue reading

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Looking Forward with Helen

You always have to have something to look forward to. –Helen Howland Of the many people that could have said this (a psychologist or other therapist, a teacher of the Law of Attraction, a concentration camp survivor or a motivational … Continue reading

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Slowing Down

We are all in such a rush to get things done. Expectations are high. Payments from the marketplace of skills come too slowly for our appetites. Things around us seem to be piling up, falling down, running over and creating … Continue reading

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Impatience is a very telling sign that I believe that time, particularly my time, is in short supply. That belief, like the emotions mentioned in my previous post (Law of Attraction) are self-replicating. If I think my time is short, … Continue reading

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Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction, made popular by the movie “The Secret” states that what we think about and what we do attracts more of the same in our lives. So, if we want more success, better relationships, money or job … Continue reading

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