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In Praise of Mischief

Mischief rarely gets its due. In fact, if it weren’t for mischief, many of us wouldn’t have been born or made the unique contributions to life that we have. As children, we are punished for making mischief. Our parents and … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Good

You may recall that I have earlier identified our ultimate enemy as death. This came from an admittedly emotional response to the death of my beloved father. And that is how many people understood it. They understood this as a statement … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life

A writer friend asked me about LifeForeverNow and was quizzical about its premise. “My mother thinks that we should get rid of death, too. But I think death is just part of life. You know, birth, growth and then death.” … Continue reading

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Cognitive Health link

Aging in Action newsletter’s page on cognitive health has lots of articles for improving and maintaining cognitive health. Share this:

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Death as Rebirth

Perhaps the most ancient and powerful of metaphors about life is birth. Birth is not a specialty of mine; I am male. But it remains to me, and most men I am sure, the most powerful of life experiences and … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Cultivate Hope, Compassion and Healing

Opening up to hope in the midst of, say, a struggle for your life or someone else’s, is profoundly healing. It allows us the ability to connect with compassion to all of life. The linked article offers an easy method … Continue reading

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Just Touch It

Jake Johanssen has produced a DVD of his show called “I Love You” and it is incredibly funny. His self-deprecating humor is the best I have seen since the late Rodney Dangerfield. In one section of his routine, he talks … Continue reading

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