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Life Forever Now Bodies

Last night’s dream involved my attempts to fit a replacement product into a container for the old product. It didn’t fit. This is an interesting metaphor for trying to fit the ideas of “Life Forever Now” into a society that … Continue reading

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A Conspiracy Against Wisdom?

For thousands of years now (with the single exception of the people mentioned in Genesis that lived hundreds of years), the average human life span has been less than forty years. Think of it. By the time we are forty, … Continue reading

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Intelligent Life?

Picture an alien spaceship hovering over Earth. One alien is instructing others on board. “They call themselves an intelligent life form but they kill each other endlessly and profit immensely from death.” Share this:

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Easter. Pagan, Christian, Resurrection or Life Forever?

The Internet can be a forum for nut-cases and intellectuals, inspiration and stuck-ness. It offers many opinions about the meaning of this and that. Today Facebook and the blogworld are vibrating to the controversy of what Easter means. Is it … Continue reading

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Easter Promise. Life Forever Now

Easter has always been a favorite day for me. Perhaps because it seems so full of hope. Perhaps because my birthday has landed three times on Easter. Perhaps because the earth energies are strong and vibrant. I remember many Easter … Continue reading

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Change is the Only Certainty

It may seem odd, but honest scientists are hard pressed to predict certainties on the horizon. They would probably all bet easily on the sun rising the next morning in the East. But they couldn’t say it is a certainty. … Continue reading

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Good Friday. What’s Good About It?

For a good thirty years, I celebrated Good Friday with a religious fervor. I kneeled down and recalled the steps taken by the man Jesus 2000 years (and quadbillions of tears) ago. I vicariously visited the mockings, the scourgings, the … Continue reading

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