Life Is Our Best Asset

The economy is tough these days. Some of us are feeling a financial pinch that elicits more of a scream than a simple “ow.” We have high unemployment. More Americans are working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Graduates have very little to look forward to in the job market (unless they are particularly gifted). Workers over fifty are not getting hired. Middle income families are sharing their house with extended family and friends like the poor are forced to do.

Just remember, our best assets are Life and Health. Not finances, not real estate, not politicians’ promises, not a shift in the economy, not a divine rescue plan… and certainly not the ton of furniture and appliances in your residence. Life and Health (which includes mental and spiritual health) are really all we need. From this foundation, which we often take for granted, all else springs.

When we ignore this foundation, it can start crumbling without our awareness. We let tanglibles (that can be replaced) become more important than the intangibles. We let other people’s emergencies become more important than our body’s subtler and more essential energies. Those go un-replenished. We become willing to listen to lies about the stresses we undergo, the needs we have to maintain appearances, the kind of support we need from others… The list goes on. These lies get us consider death a relief and our bodies age in preparation for death.

Honor your Life and Health first and foremost. They are our best assets. Your body is your vehicle through storm and calm, through economic fluctuations, through the trials of mating, new jobs and new residences. Take notice of it. Don’t hesitate. Use it to create joy, good memories, pleasure, friendships and experiences. That is your best asset and don’t believe for a moment that not having a penny to your name is “the end.” Each one of us can live fully now.

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