10 actions for 100 years

Not all agree on ways to achieve longevity, but About.com has an article worth reading. I would switch out two or three actions, but I believe this simple information can help.

While I’d love to be a (or your) resource for longevity and living fully, each person has to make their own commitment to research and action.

Please take five minutes a day to search the Internet (including Google, YouTube and Twitter) for articles on longevity, life extension, centenarians, inspiration, mind/ body connection, health and sex, natural remedies, restoring the environment, and optimal brain function. Check for news feeds, blogs, Google alerts, journals and newly released books. Add years to your life this simple way.

Life Forever Now is humanity’s biggest challenge. If we don’t do everything we can… well, we know, death moves in without an invitation.

Can you give longevity five minutes a day?

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